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About Us

Our Culture


Everyone is different, size, shapes and height. Thus we believe in tailoring Aikido to you, for you. Providing you with the opportunity to experience and truly enjoy Aikido. 

Our Philosophy
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Hitoshinkan practices a balanced blend of Aikido; whilst still keeping true to the spirit of Aikido as founded by Morihei Ueshiba, a spirit of self-preservation. 

We are a dedicated bunch of fun and Aikido loving students and teachers. Coming together to foster and create new friendships, all in the name of Aikido!   

Our Team

Our Team

Certified PA Trainer and NROC Coach, NCPA1, Certified in Standard First Aid, CPR+AED

Character: Sensei Wayne began his Aikido journey in 1993 and hasn’t looked back since. He has also trained in various martial art discipline as well such as; Karate, Judo, Taekwondo, Boxing, Kendo and Sports Chanbara (weapon base fighting sport). 

Chilled and relax off the mat but totally committed in getting you to reach your Aikido objectives. 

Interesting to share –Trained as a western chef, Sensei Wayne has worked in various F&B establishments locally and overseas (China and Japan). Having since hung up his apron in 2010 as the Head Chef of an Events & Catering company, Sensei Wayne still loves to cook for friends and family and occasionally as a private chef for hire! 
These days Sensei Wayne runs his own renovation business, focusing in the hacking and demolition works. 

Wayne Yim
Chief Instructor, Dojo-cho Yondan (4th Dan)
Leonard Tan
Instructor, Nidan (2nd Dan)

Certified NROC Coach (Provisional) Certified in Standard First Aid, Child First Aid, CPR+AED

Character: A friendly, outgoing and approachable person, Leonard is often described by his peers as a very patient guy who’s very generous in helping others to work out and rectify their issues. Leonard is also a straightforward person who does not bark nor bite, but will tell you your flaws for your own good (often with disastrous outcomes but yeah he doesn’t bother much onto it).

Interesting to share – Father of twins, keen interest in the Japanese culture and very much into seeking inner peace.

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